Feeding Bottle

Feeding Bottle Product Code: ST-1107

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1st Step Silicone Nipples specially-designed teat,comprise a special air ventilation system to ensure minimum air intake and guides milk content smoothly into your baby's stomach during feeding.Clear and soft top section of the teat moves according to the tongue movements,which is vital for extracting milk.Fits perfectly into your baby's mouth ensuring a convenient & comfortable feed intake.Varaiable texture between each section if the teat allows a more natural way of feeding.

  1. This product is helps to when breast feeding is not possible,this teat may be used to give expressed breast milk or prepared infant formula to your baby
  2. This product is durable top-grade silicone.
  3. This product is fits all standard bottles
  4. This product helps to feed the juices, milk and water for your baby.
Style No:ST-1107 S
Package Length(cm):4
Package Width(cm):3.5
Package Height(cm):3.5
Minimum Age (month):0
Maximum Age (month):3

Key Specification: feeding, bottle