Food grinder With Spoon

Food grinder With Spoon Product Code: ST-1145

  • ₹249


1st Step Food grinder helps to easily and quickly mash up fruits and vegetables.Ridges in the bowl provides good friction for mashing up food and avoid slipping when mashing. Grooves in the masher handle ensure even mashing & avoid leaving any big chunks. Can use as feeding bowl with easy to hold handle. Easy to clean & use on the go. Contains Spoon with easy grip handle.

  1. This product is easy to use.
  2. This product is easy to clean.
  3. This product helps to quickly mash up the fruits and Vegetables.
  4. This product uses as feeding bowl.
  5. This product wash using the Dishwasher also (top rack only).
Style No:ST-1145 BL
Package Length(cm):12
Package Width(cm):12
Package Height(cm):9
Capacity:250 gms
Minimum Age (month):6 months+
Maximum Age (month):18 months
Material:Food Grade Plastic

Key Specification: Food, grinder, Spoon