Powder Box (Big) Product Code: ST - 513

  • ₹139


1st Step Baby Powder Puff is designed especially to provide your baby with a beautiful and fun experience as you dab the powder over their body. The soft and fluffy powder puff is for gentle touch. The powder spreads equally all over the body. Easy to use and carry in a diaper bag while traveling with the baby.

  1. Soft and fluffy for gentle touch
  2. Made of durable material
  3. Helps powder to spread evenly all over the body
  4. Easy to use and carry while traveling with the baby
Style No:ST-513YEL
Package Length(cm):6
Package Width(cm):8
Package Height(cm):3
Weight (in gms):50
Outer Material:PLASTIC
Case Material:Polypropylene

Key Specification: Powder, Box, Big