5 Indoor Must-have Essentials for Your Newborn

Baby on the way? Well, while the arrival of a newborn is an exciting, life changing experience, the road ahead is sure to be one with many surprises and to get ready for the unexpected, it pays to be prepared with the things you’ll need as you usher your new, tiny little human into life in this world. As a new parent, getting all essentials for your baby can be quite an overwhelming task. Most stores will provide you with a list that will exhaust you because they are there to sell. They would be very delighted if you buy everything, but the question is, is everything necessary? 

In this blog, we are going to take you through a list of essentials that you must consider for your newborn. Read on to know more. 

 Your Baby’s Essentials Checklist 

1. Bassinet 


Newborns sleep a lot, so your baby will be spending a lot of time in their sleeping space! In addition, keeping your baby safe while they’re sleeping is an important consideration with a newborn. So, the first thing you would want to consider is choosing the right bassinet and cradle for your baby. A bassinet will enable you to sleep in the same room as your baby allowing you to keep a close eye on your baby, thus ensuring your newborn is sleeping in a safe environment. Ensure that you get a sturdy and robust bassinet that can hold your baby comfortably and safely at all times. You can also look for a bassinet that you can move around with ease so that you can fold it up while on a vacation with your baby. 

 If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable bassinet for your baby, then you’ve landed at the right place. Check out our bassinet and cradles collections . At 1st Step, we believe sleep plays an important role in the growth and development of a newborn and so our products are designed to ensure that your little one gets the best sleep it deserves. 

2. Diapers

You’ll definitely need diapers, a lot of them! Your newborn might go upto 70 diapers a week, which is a lot. But, what if we told you that you can reduce the number of diapers you change every day? Yes, you heard it right, mommy. 

1st Step presents reusable cloth diaper with an easy to adjust snap button system. The diapers are designed for multiple use and are as easy to use as a disposable diaper. The exterior of this reusable cloth diaper is coated with a waterproof material, hence preventing leakages and keeping your baby dry and comfortable. The material is soft on the baby's skin and does not cause irritation or diaper rashes. The diaper has many adjustments and is adaptable to the growing size of a baby. These diaper covers easily hold solids and the inner reusable insert offers extra absorbency which works well with even heavy wetters. Buy these comfortable reusable diapers for your newborn from 1st Step today. Visit our website for more. 

3. Bibs 

According to a survey, nearly 10% babies love to have food, while the rest of the proportion is the one who turns into troublemakers especially while getting fed. For every mother, feeding their kids without messing up the baby’s clothes is the biggest concern or challenge. To make it easier than you ever imagined, bibs have become the basic necessity of feeding naughty kids. 

1st Step’s baby bibs come with an adjustable strap that make sure your baby is comfortable wearing it and you don’t have trouble tying or untying it. Our bibs are designed to catch the spilled food, which ensures less stains on the clothes and less cleaning for the mommy. Go worry free and stain free with these must-have essentials from 1st Step for your newborn. 

4. Feeding bottles 

Choosing the proper and safe babycare goods for your little one is very important, whether you want to switch to bottle feeding completely or give a combination of breast and bottle. A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Did you know, a good feeding bottle is not only beneficial to your baby's health, but it also provides him with the necessary nutrition? In fact, as a new mom, you should be looking for BPA-free feeding bottles.

 For your little one, we have a variety of BPA-free Polypropylene feeding bottles to pick from at 1st Step. When breastfeeding is not possible, this 1st Step feeding bottle can be used to give expressed breast milk or prepared infant formula to your baby. This feeding bottle is ergonomically designed to provide a good grip on the feeding bottle. The markings on the bottle also helps you to monitor the feeding levels. 


5. Wipes - One of the most common and useful products that you can have on hand for cleaning your baby is baby wet wipes. Baby wet tissue wipes are a great way to clean your baby, but how do you choose the best baby wet wipes? When buying baby wet wipes for your babies, it is always recommended that you choose a soft and moisturising one. Wet wipes are essential for a parent with a baby. 


Our natural baby wipes are super soft, gentle and moist. They're also hypoallergenic, baby-friendly and dermatologically tested. If you like the Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil, you'll love our product! Our wet wipes for babies is a perfect blend of pure water and natural ingredients that gives your baby instant freshness after every use. These baby wet wipes are free from alcohol, paraben and other harmful chemicals. 

When it comes to babycare, the list is quite exhaustive. However, here are top 5 essentials that you need to have to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable indoors and at all times. Explore a range of babycare products from 1st Step across our stores all over India or order them now from .

February 13, 2022 — Khush Bavishi