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Baby Swings make a great part of everyone's childhood, and for babies, it's the biggest form of entertainment, even if they don't know what entertainment is. If you are looking to buy baby swings online in India, then 1st Step is the best place to choose.

Swings can keep babies busy while you go around doing your chores. And on top of all that, they do look very cute with babies playing in them.


Some of the key Features Of Buying Baby Swings At 1st step

1st Step's Baby Swings are safe with a 3-point safety harness system. The swing ensures the babies are happy and occupied with a musical play tray, adjustable canopy, footrest and safe anti-skid base.

With vibrant colours and a foldable setup, the entire swing can be carried easily and placed anywhere at home or outdoors. 

Why Choose 1st Step's Products?

If you're searching for the highest quality baby products that are both safe and comfortable for your little one, look no further than 1st Step. Our products are perfect for babies and parents alike and are designed to solve the challenges that parents face when raising their children. Whether you need products for feeding, sleeping, or just everyday care, we have everything you need to make your life easier. 1st Step has the wide range of baby products like baby car seats, baby carriages, baby bassinets & Cradles, baby high chairs, Baby Strollers and Prams, baby carry cotsbaby reusable diapers, and baby bath towels.

Not every baby swing online in India are sturdy and safe for babies. When it comes to your little one, there should be no compromise on the quality. So buy baby swings from 1st Step!


At 1st Step, you can buy baby swings online. Our baby swings ensure maximum safety for your baby with a 3-point safety harness system. The baby swing also has a musical play tray, adjustable canopy, footrest and safe anti-skid base that keeps the baby happy and engaged.

Baby swings are a great way to keep your baby safe and entertained. It’s a universal fact that babies love constant motion that keeps them swinging and moving around. When used properly with the right safety guidelines, baby swings can greatly benefit both parents and the baby.

At 1st Step, a baby swing costs around Rs.5,500. When you set out to buy baby swings, check for all the products in the market and compare their features before buying.

Before you buy baby swings, ensure that your baby can hold up its head without any support. Once they can do that without any issues, you can put them in a swing. Most times, babies are ready to swing when they are 6 months old.

Select a spot where the baby swing can move without hitting any walls, rails, or windows. Make sure you leave a space of at least 2 ½ feet behind the swing. It’s advisable to hang the swing where you can easily access it from any part of your house, so you can constantly check up on the baby.