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Buy Baby Strollers and Prams - 1st Step

If you have a newborn baby at home and you have to travel a fair distance, then buying baby strollers online, is the first thing every parent does. These strollers are easy to carry, comfortable and safe for the baby, and easy to maintain.

With cushioned covers and wheels, it is soft and cushiony for the baby to sleep and carry wherever you go. Make your shopping, walks in the park, and other quick getaways a whole lot easy with the 1st step’s baby strollers.

Some Of The Key Features Of Buying Baby Strollers & Prams At 1st Step

1st Step’s baby strollers ensure the highest safety standards with a 5-point safety harness. The reversible handlebar can help the baby face either forward or backwards easily. The carrier can be changed into a rocker, a recliner, and 3 other positions.

The carriers are sturdy, durable, and perfect for babies up to 3 years.

Why Choose 1st Step For Your Baby?

1st Step provides high-quality baby products ideal for infants and caregivers. Our products are secure, long-lasting, and cosy. We focus on addressing the difficulties infants and parents encounter by crafting impeccable products to meet every requirement. Hence, if you're looking for the best baby products in India, a visit to 1st Step is highly recommended.

We have a wide range of products, including baby car seats, baby carriages, baby bassinets and cradles, baby high chairs, baby carry cots, baby swings, baby reusable diapers, baby bath towels and more.

If you want to buy baby strollers online in India, then 1st Step is the best place to look. Buy now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are planning to buy baby strollers online, 1st Step is a great place to look for. With cushioned seats and wheels, 1st Step’s baby strollers ensure the highest safety standards with a 5-point safety harness. The carrier can be changed into a rocker, a recliner, and three other positions.

Yes, you can use strollers for newborn babies as long as the stroller has a reclining seat since newborns cannot sit straight on their own or hold up their heads. Always look for this feature when you buy baby strollers for newborns.

According to experts, you can take your baby outside immediately after birth, as long as you follow all the safety precautions. Make sure your stroller has a reclining seat for the newborn.

You can buy baby strollers for your baby when they are 5-6 months old and can sit upright. Buy a stroller with a reclined seat that does not hurt or strain the baby’s back.

If you are looking to buy baby strollers for a newborn, your priority is safety. Buy a stroller that is sturdy and stable with a good suspension system. Another important feature to look for in a stroller is a recliner seat, as the baby is used to lying down on their back.

Most people face this confusion when they buy baby strollers online. Although most models support both positions these days, the term "stroller" refers to a model with an upright seat, whereas a “pram" typically refers to a model with a bassinet or flat sleeping area.

You can use a stroller for your baby till they are three years old and start walking confidently on their own. You can begin the transition around this time, and by the time they are 4 or 5 years old, they can be stroller-free.

It depends on how old your baby is. A pram is usually designed for newborn babies who can lie down and sleep in it. However, when you buy baby strollers, make sure you get them for older babies who can sit upright and have a steady neck.