Mothers constantly deal with new changes and challenges as their baby grows from a newborn to a toddler. If there is anything that can sort her life and help her, then it's most wanted!!!
Diaper bags are one such item that plays a very important role in the lives of new mothers. They help moms stay prepared for any situation that may arise while on the go with their baby. A diaper bag is better than regular pockets or bags because it is specially made to carry all the important things a baby needs.
This blog will discuss some key reasons why moms prefer using a diaper bag over any other bag. It will highlight the importance of different compartments, easy accessibility, and how diaper bags take the stress out of parenting on the go.

Difference between regular bags and Diaper bags?


Regular Bags

Diaper Bags


Carrying personal items like wallet, keys, phone, etc.

Carrying baby essentials like diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, snacks, etc.


Typically smaller/medium-sized

Larger size to accommodate more baby items


Fewer compartments

Many compartments and pockets to organise different baby items


Variety of materials like leather, canvas, nylon, etc.

Durable, washable materials like nylon, vinyl, leather, etc. to withstand spills and messes


Usually has 1-2 shoulder straps

Additional features like longer straps, changing pad straps, and waist straps for hands-free carrying


May have minimal extras like a small pocket

Features like insulated bottle pockets, changing pads, stroller straps, pacifier clips, etc.


Variety of designs, prints and colours

Prints, colours and designs focused on babies/children

Why Moms Prefer Diaper Bags from 1st Step

Having a baby is super exciting, but it also comes with much stuff to carry around. That's where a good diaper bag comes in. Diaper bags help you take all the baby essentials out of the house so you're prepared for anything on the go.
Here are a few reasons why 1st Step diaper bags are awesome:

6. Tons of Space

tons of space diaper bag

Babies need many things, such as diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles, toys, and more.
Trying to cram it all into a regular purse is no fun and unhelpful. 1st Step bags have huge spaces to fit everything you need in one place. Some even have special insulated bottle pockets to keep milk or formula in the right position. The bags are also spacious enough that you can store your own stuff, like keys, phone, wallet, and snacks. No more digging around multiple bags—it's all in one convenient place.

5. Durable Materials

durable material

You know how babies are - they're always spilling, drooling, and getting into all kinds of messes. The last thing you want is your bag to get ruined after just a few uses. That's why diaper bags are made with tough, stain-resistant fabrics.

The diaper changing pads are also wipe-clean vinyl, so you can just wipe away any kind of spills. Plus, the zippers and straps are super sturdy. Many moms have claimed that these bags last for years through all the baby stages.

4. Cute Styles and Colors


While functioning is important, moms also want their bags to look nice. 1st Step has a huge selection of styles, colours, and patterns to match any outfit or mood. There are traditional diaper bags as well as messenger bags, backpacks, totes, and more.

Prints range from cute animals, bright colours, and camo to sophisticated solids; we have it all. You're sure to find one that suits your personal style.

3. Special Features

special features

What makes 1st Step bags really stand out is their awesome features. Many have stroller straps, so you can easily attach the bag to most strollers without worrying about it falling off.

There are also insulated bottle pockets, changing pad pockets, and organisational interior pockets. Cooler bags even keep snacks and bottles chilled for hours. Moms rave about the special pockets for phones, keys, pacifiers, and more. Little extras like changing pads, rain covers, and insulated bottle sleeves are also included.

2. Affordable Prices

diaper bag

High-quality, feature-packed diaper bags would be super expensive. It isn't true!!! 1st Step works hard to keep their prices low so more moms can enjoy these handy bags. Even their most deluxe bags are very affordable compared to other brands.

There are also sales throughout the year if you want to save even more. Whether you're on a budget or want to splurge, 1st Step has options to fit every wallet.

1. Great Deal & Return Policy

return policy

The last thing any mom wants is for something to go wrong with their diaper bag. But if it does, we have your back. They offer a really generous 10-day return policy on materials and craftsmanship based on the product.

Customer service agents are available every day to answer questions and help with any issues. Moms say 1st Step always goes above and beyond to take care of their customers. That kind of support is really important, especially with a busy baby! Check out the policy when you buy in order to stay informed and transparent.

Take your first step towards your child's needs with 1st step

1st Step diaper bags really do have tons of advantages over other brands. Their spacious bags last for years, come in awesome designs and have super handy features. Plus, you get quality without the high price tag.

No wonder so many moms are loyal to 1st Step for all their diaper bag needs. The bags make juggling baby stuff a breeze so you can focus on what's really important - enjoying time with your little one. Check out our website today to find your perfect diaper bag match!


Diaper bags from 1st Step are a mom's best friend. The high quality, durable construction and useful features provide the perfect solution to carry all of the baby's essential items. With ample space, cute designs and affordable prices, 1st Step diaper bags take the stress out of parenting on the go. They allow moms to feel prepared while ensuring their hands are free to focus on their little ones. No wonder so many moms swear by 1st Step bags to make their lives easier.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the point of a diaper bag?

The point of a diaper bag is to have a dedicated bag to carry all the essential items needed when travelling out with a baby, such as diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, snacks, toys, etc. A diaper bag makes it convenient to have everything in one place when out and about.

2. Are diaper bags really necessary?

Diaper bags are necessary when going places with a baby, as they allow parents to have all the baby care and entertainment items easily accessible in one bag rather than trying to juggle multiple items. Without a diaper bag, parents would struggle to be prepared for diaper changes, feedings, and keeping the baby occupied when away from home.

3. How long do moms use diaper bags?

Most moms use diaper bags from when the baby is born until they are potty trained, which is usually around 2-3 years old. Some may continue using the diaper bag for longer if they have more children close in age that still require diaper changes when out.

4. Does each parent need a diaper bag?

Both parents do not necessarily need their own individual diaper bag, as one well-stocked shared bag is usually sufficient. However, some choose to each have their own, so items are separated, and one parent is always guaranteed to have the diaper bag if leaving home separately.

June 17, 2024 — Aatish Mandot