Must Haves For Your New Born Baby

Entering the world of motherhood is not an easy job, parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

Worry not, are here to help you with this journey, one step at a time. Here are a few essentials you will need for your new born child:


Sleeping Cot with Mosquito Net

Your little one needs a cozy and comfortable environment to sleep and 1st Step Sleeping Cot with Mosquito Net provides the same. This is required so that the bugs don't disturb your little one and your little one can sleep in peace and get a soundful sleep. This cot comes with a cradle which helps in putting the baby to sleep because it works as a lullaby. The wheels make it easier to move the cradle around the house and this cradle comes with a storage basket that provides space to store baby’s essentials. 


Cotton Clothes 

Your child will be happy only when he/she is comfortable. 1st Step presents an exclusive range of cotton clothes for your little one. Baby’s skin is really sensitive and delicate and you should opt for only 100% cotton clothes so that your baby feels comfortable and relaxed. The reason why you should choose only cotton clothes is because it is soft, durable and allergy free, it helps your newborn’s skin breath making your child less cranky. 


At 1st Step Retail store, we have an exclusive range of clothes with different patterns and designs to give your child the cute look everyday. 


Bathing and Diapering

A newborn baby’s skin is soft and really sensitive, you should be careful about the products that you use on your little one. Your child's bathing products should be mild and fragrance free so that it does not cause any irritation on the skin, giving your baby a soothing bathing experience. 


At 1st Step, we have a wide selection of bathing products, check out to purchase the best for your little one. 


When it comes to diapering you have a list of things to keep in mind like wet wipes, dry sheets, diapers etc along with a diaper bag as it will be useful to store the diapers and the necessities and also usable when you have to travel with your child.  


Feeding Essentials

Choosing the right feeding bottle for your baby is a must. And what matters the most is the quality of the product, when it comes to feeding a newborn baby, the quality in which you feed your baby is important. At 1st Step, our products are made of polypropylene and all our products are BPA free.  


Our Soft Silicone Pacifiers are made to fit snugly in the baby’s mouth. It comes with a flip cover and is super safe and gentle for your child. The best thing about this product is that if the pacifier falls on the ground, the cover closes automatically making it dust free. 

Nursery Essentials

Creating a fun and joyous experience for your child is important. It helps your child grow faster and wiser. At 1st Step, we have a wide variety of walkers, high chairs, baby carriage, etc that will help your child learn different postures which will contribute to their growth. All our products are made while keeping our child’s safety and growth in mind. 



A child’s growth depends on the kind of toys your child interacts with. Toys play an important role when it comes to keeping your child busy, there are different types of toys out there and rattles are the best ones for a newborn. 


At 1st Step, we provide a diverse range of rattles that are designed to fit properly in your little one’s hand so that they can grab, hold and shake it. The sound of the rattles will help in developing your child’s sensory experience. The rattle improves your child’s colour perception and helps in their intellectual development. 

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February 13, 2022 — Khush Bavishi