We all know that good nutrition is the key to well-being but making sure that the babies get the nutrition they need is a whole struggle in itself. During the early stages of development, it is extremely important to ensure that the baby gets all the nutrients that is needed to grow into a healthy toddler. If you are a new parent who is struggling to make your baby eat, then this blog will help you out. Go through this blog to get a few ideas on how to make the baby eat without a fuss. 

let's looks at the 10 Tips to make the baby eat without a fuss

1. Make Food Fun For The Babies

Babies want to play and have fun all the time. So, to make sure your baby is fed well, it is best to approach them in their own playful ways and technique.

Cut the vegetables and fruits in an amusing shape and serve them on the plate. Cut them into different slices of shapes which your baby will find interesting to look at. 

The babies will find it extremely fun when their food is all colourful. Make sure you add veggies and fruits of all colours and shapes. 

Creating smileys with sauces, creating face-like structures by carving them and so much more can be done with food to make it fun. 

Get yourself a good baby food maker and make sure you make the food-eating experience all hygienic yet fun. 

You can also create miniature cartoon-shaped characters with food and make food time the most interesting and amusing experience for your baby. 

2.Develop a proper eating space 

Although it is best to ensure that eating is all fun and games, you have to make sure that there is a proper eating space for your child.

To make the food eating experience smooth and fuss-free, you can make use of baby feeder chairs, baby bibs, food feeders, food cultleries and much more. 

If you prefer having your food on the dining table, then you can do the same for your kid and get them a baby chair next and place it next to the dining table. 

This develops a routine and discipline for those looking to create a proper food schedule for their kids. 

3. Say NO to Snacking Between Meals

This is one of the most important things to avoid when it comes to making sure that your baby eats fuss-free. 

Snacking between meals will reduce your baby’s hunger and inhibit them from having a holistic nutritious food during meal time. To cut down on snacks, make sure your toddler has a feeding bottle with water in them. This makes sure that they take water now and then and this will keep them hydrated and also reduces the cravings for unwanted junk. 

Added to that, snacking a lot can meet the toddler’s hunger but will definitely not help them or make them healthy. 

4.Offer varieties of food

Babies food habits might differ from ours but they are as well very much like us. 

We do not eat the same meal every time, likewise, it is necessary to ensure that the babies as well get their nutrition through various sources. Introduce different foods to your baby but also make sure they are age-appropriate. Babies and toddlers take some time to pick up on new foods. 

Make sure the baby has adequate water in between meals. Give your toddler the water sipper so that they can get the hydration they need. 

This is something that you need to keep in mind so that you don’t end up offering the same food and create aversiveness to eating 

5.Develop co-eating habits

Kids tend to eat better and much quicker when they have company. This can be one of the best ways to ensure that your baby enjoys their meal time. 

You can make co-eating habits a part of the playdate for kids. Set them on a play date with their friends and make sure that they have a fun meal together.

Prepare a proper lunch setup for the kids by making use of cutleries, fancy plates and more. 

Make sure that you indulge your kids in this now and then as they will look forward to it more. 

Eating with family members or kids of same age can make babies feel belonged and they might tend to like and enjoy  their meal time more.

6. Carry out storytelling and food games 

Although, it is necessary to have a proper meal time and setup, it is wise to indulge in a little bit of playtime every now and then. 

Recite a story with voice modulations and different characters while feeding your baby. They will immerse themselves in the story and will eat their food as well. This makes meal time their favourite part of their day. 

You can also branch out food into different departments and name them after different people in the family and showcase them in front of your kids. If your kid is old enough to pick eat with their own hands, then let them indulge in it.

7. Understand the baby’s food preferences

Getting to know your baby better is the first step to becoming an awesome parent. 

If you want to make sure your baby consumes its food without any fuss, then you have to make sure know your baby’s food preferences. 

Babies like adults like certain foods and dislike a few. So, make sure that you include more of your baby’s favourite foods which are healthy and good to consume for them. 

Take efforts to alter the way in which you make the food they don't prefer to take or avoid feeding that to your baby. Make use of the right food makers to prepare the food. 

8. Develop a proper meal time

A mealtime routine is necessary for the baby to develop the right hunger pangs.

Meal time needs to be fixed. If you feed your baby lunch at 12.30 PM, then make sure that your baby has lunch at the same time every day. This develops a routine for your baby and makes sure that they stick on to it. 

This makes it easy for the parents to feed their baby the food and also ensures that they will be willing to consume it. 

When it is meal time, create the right environment by making use of food chairs, bibs, cutleries, sippers and more. 

If you do not have a proper mealtime routine yet, you can slowly develop it. 

9. Increase their appetite by inducing play

Most of the times, the baby denies taking their meal and creates a fuss because they do not feel hungry. 

So, it is necessary to make sure that your baby has the hunger and proper appetite to consume food. 

You can do so by making sure that they are active throughout the day. Physical activity improves metabolism and will make sure that your baby has the appetite to consume their food. 

10. Reward your child and be extremely patient

If your child is a picky eater, then making your baby eat can be the hardest thing.To cope with this, start off with little effort and reward your baby if they consume their food. 

Rewarding can be done by allowing your child to munch on their favourite chocolate after their meal, allowing them to have extra playtime and much more. Although this won’t help your child in the long run, it does help to certain extents. 

Patiency is the key to parenting and it definitely is a vital part of making sure your child gets the nutrients they need.


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June 30, 2022 — Aatish Mandot
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