During the colder months, new parents could experience some mild stir crazy while caring for their young children. However, it's crucial to get outside securely when you can. Babies and new parents need fresh air, as the saying goes. Take your newborn outside unless it is severely cold because it will help them become accustomed to all climatic situations and build their immune system. 

Unlike adults, babies require specific winter care for two very significant reasons

  • Infants lose heat more quickly than adults do, and as they get younger, they are less able to withstand the cold.
  • Small babies lack the body fat necessary to warm back up when they become cold as well as the ability to shiver to increase body heat.

So here is a guide to taking care of your babies during the winter. 

Maintaining The Temperature Using Layers

Whenever you plan to take your baby outside during the winters, it is important to layer your new borns using essential blankets and winter wear. This will help them retain the warmth and snuggle in the winter weather and also protects them from harsh cold air. 

Leggings and a onesie(bodysuit) can be the best snug choices for the bottom layer.You can add a second layer od clothing. Finally, add a jacket, hat, pair of thick booties, and mittens to keep your hands and feet warm if you live in a cold country. To be able to put on and take off clothes as needed, choose breathable fabrics like cotton and muslin. As this might be required if you are travelling for a shorter distance. 

As an important one, try avoiding a winter coat if you are using a car seat for your baby since that might cause more body stress for the little ones. 

Tender Skincare

The skin of a newborns is delicate during the chilly winter months.   The babies are also prone to dry skin that itches and peels off its top layers (called winter dermatitis). Maintaining the skin's water content and avoiding from overusing creams and lotions are the keys to promoting healthy skin. 

It might be highly stressful and intimidating to bathe your baby without the help of someone. But sometimes you gotta do it. 

Here are a few tips for the parents to use while bathing your babies.

  • You can bathe your baby in lukewarm water on alternate days to avoid them catching cold. 
  • To retain the essential body oils, masssage the baby using natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, etc., as there is nothing like natural products. 
  • If you prefer using a moisturizer, you can apply that after wiping the body using a wet soft cotton cloth. This will keep the skin to be hydrated. 
  • It is highly recommended to avoid moisturisers and lotions that contain artificial preservatives as they are harmful for the tender baby skin. 
  • Avoid any harsh chemical soaps. Rather you can use a mild soap on alternate days. 
  • If you find any rashes, dryness, redness or itchiness, don't hesitate to consult a doctor immediately as it might be a symptom of any discomfort. 

Nutrition During The Winters

The best nutrition is essential to encourage development and growth in new borns. For a baby who is lesser than a month old,during the winters it is vital to be given proper nutrients since the metabolic rates are higher during winters. i.e the baby’s body needs energy frequently so the mother should feed the baby more.

Breastmilk alone must be given to babies under 6 months old and can be continued till 12 months since that is the primary food that provides all the vital nutrients that is required for your baby’s growth and strong immunity system. Feed your infant whenever and when he or she requests food. To guarantee that the newborn infant obtains the best nutrition possible, the mother must follow a balanced, all-encompassing diet.

Additionally, kangaroo mother care makes nursing easier, where the baby is carried with a sling carrier on the front, which is also called as baby wearing.

Baby wearing 

We are all aware of how much a baby enjoys cuddling with his or her mother. B ecause a baby's closeness to their mother's warmth aids in making them feel secure and safe. This is why keeping your baby warm is made possible by baby wearing which is more important during the winters. After all, if your coat is large enough, you can wear your child inside of it. This enables you to continue being conscious of their warmth and comfort. 

However, you should pay extra attention to the weather if you're carrying your infant in the winter.

Additionally, you should avoid covering your child's face with scarves, jackets, or other materials to prevent them from breathing freely.

Winter Infections 

Newborn babies are more susceptible to illnesses like the common cold, the flu, and other contagious diseases as a result of the winter season's decline in temperature. To avoid winter infections you can take the baby out in the sun. Make sure the temperature is mild and not harsh on the baby’s skin. 

A quick list of the symptoms you should be aware of is mentioned below.

  • Cough
  • Running nose
  • Difficult breathing
  • Wheezing sound during or after cough

Quick tips for winter Baby Care

  • Layer up your little according to the weather at your place. 

  • Use subtle and warm fabric clothes to cover your baby.

  • Use natural products or lotions to moisturise the baby’s skin every day.

  • Massage the baby with the necessary oils to retain the skin oils. 

  • Don’t avoid breastfeeding the newborn.

  • Try using humidifiers if you live in extremely cold weather areas. 


There can be more reasons to be scared in the process of baby care but at the end of the day it is your baby’s teeny tiny smile and the face that lightens up your day. After all as new parents it is important to take good care of yourselves too. With mental care and body care whenever you are allowed some free time from your new born. First step is a brand that has babycare and mother care products that are specially curated to pamper both the baby and the mother. Because we believe that the mothers deserve all the pampering as much as the baby. Being in the market for thirty years and twenty seven stores later, the brand stands tall in taking care of both the mothers and the babies. To take a look at the products, click here


  • Do we need to massage the baby daily?
  • This totally depends on you and the baby. Some parents prefer massaging the baby every day while some prefer doing it every other day. If you do it once a day in the mornings to give a nice start to the day or at night to give a soothing sleep to your little one.

  • Why do babies cry often?
  • Babies crying is a completely normal thing. On average a baby cries for 1-3 hours. This could be because of hunger, thirst, needing the mother’s warmth, tiredness or sometimes sleepy. But if your baby continues crying all day, you should definitely seek a doctor’s help as it might be a reason for any health inconvenience. 

  • What are the home remedies for baby skin care in winter?
  • Natural Aloe vera gel works well in winter for baby skin care. You can try baby moisturizing lotions to avoid chapping and drying of the skin. But please be cautious in choosing the right baby lotions, as there are many harmful ones on the market today. 

  • Do babies sleep more in winter?
  • No, there is no theory that proves babies sleep more during the winter. Like us, babies love to feel warm and cosy during the winter season.

    December 08, 2022 — Aatish Mandot
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