We are all fancied about many baby products that are coming up in the market every day. There is a certain urge to buy everything you see in the baby care shop for your little munchkin. But some of them can be just temporary, but some of them will be of great purpose and usage.

One such important product for your babies is the stroller, a Pram. It can be intriguing for you as new parents to choose the right stroller for your baby. This article will state the top 10 advantages and disadvantages of using a stroller for a baby.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Baby Stroller



Safest option for your baby

It is pricey

Highly convenient

Requires more storage space

Serves multiple purposes

Children will outgrow the stroller quickly

Durability is longer

Maneuvering can be difficult

Helps in avoiding backpain for parents

Large and heavier

It is portable

Using for longer hours can hinder baby's growth

Makes travelling easier with your babies

Creates a sense of disconnection for new borns

Comfortable for babies

Not advisable for children older than 3 years

Easy to carry baby accessories

Baby might be left unattended if put in a stroller

Cost effective compared to other options Need to buy more if you have more babies


 Advantages of Baby Strollers

 1. Safe option for your baby

Baby strollers are the safest option for you to carry your baby around as there are safety harnesses to hold the baby safe. In the times of carrying your baby for a longer time strollers have been used since long time. 

2. Highly convenient

Parents can go around with their infant while still keeping their hands free by using a stroller. You don't have to carry the babies for a longer time. Newborns and sometimes toddlers can be made to sit on the strollers. Because of the convenience it is becoming a great trend among new parents. 

3. Strollers serve multiple purposes

Strollers are versatile, multi-use gadgets that can be utilized to a variety of circumstances. It not only makes travelling easier for parents, but it also provides the child's total safety. A baby stroller offers a lot of value and convenience when used appropriately. 

4. High durability

Strollers are generally seen as a one time investment as they can be used for the next babies and can also be given to your friends to use for their babies in the future. Strollers are made of sturdy and durable and high-quality materials to provide a longer life. 

5. Helps in avoiding backpain for parents

Most of the parents get backpain by carrying the baby for a longer time. This is one of the important reasons for parents to choose a baby stroller. 

6. It is portable 

Strollers can be an easy and portable option to move your babies and easily carried anywhere you want to. 

7. Easy to carry your baby accessories

There will be a numerous number of things that you will have to carry with you while taking your baby outside. Strollers will have more storage space to store everything, literally everything. 

8. Comfortable for your baby

Strollers give more comfort when compared to others like sling carriers. It will be easier and comfotable to move around when they are in a stroller. 

9. Cost effective compared to other options

There can be several other options to carry your baby around, but comparatively a  baby stroller is a one of the cost effective option for you. 

10. Makes life easier for you 

As a whole, there will be days where you will go sleepless while raising a baby, to make life easier for you, products like a stroller can be used. 

Disadvantages Baby Strollers

1. It is pricey

A baby stroller is anyday on a pricey side for an averagely earning parents. But you don’t have to think twice if you have no problem with the cost. 

2. Requires more storage space

Strollers occupy a huge space in your house. As there will be more products and gadgets required for your baby, this might add up to it.

3. Children will outgrow the stroller quickly

Babies need strollers for a maximum of three years and it is not advised to use them after that. So it can be of no use if you are planning to have only one baby. 

4. Maneuvering can be difficult

Sometimes it can be difficult to steer the stroller in the streets with uneven floors. It is advisable to use strollers only on even flooring. 

5. Large and heavier

The large size and the weight can be difficult to move around the stroller to your car and other places will be difficult if you are handling it alone. 

6. Using for longer hours can hinder baby's growth

Babies are supposed to play around and crawl more often to develop their internal and external body parts. Using a stroller for a longer time can hinder your baby’s initial development. 

7. Creates a sense of disconnection for new borns

Newborns will want to snuggle with their mothers for more time to feel their warmth. Putting your baby into a stroller for a longer time can create a sense of disconnection between you and your baby.

8. Not advisable for children older than 3 years

Children over three years are not advised to use strollers strictly. So this cannot be used after that. 

9. Baby might be left unattended if put in a stroller

Babies might sometimes feel unattended if you put them in a stroller for a longer time. This might lead to inconvenience and crying and wanting to snuggle with the mothers immediately. 

10. Need to buy more if you have more babies

If you have a baby who is two year old and another new born, you might need one more stroller that leads in buying another one. Which will the disadvantages we have discussed above. 

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There are a few disadvantages that have been discussed about a baby stroller here. But it can be of great help if you decide to choose it wisely for your newborns. It will help you stay handsfree without much hassle while you can spend some quality time with your little ones. 1st Step has a great collection of babygear strollers you can choose from.


  • Is it safe to put a newborn in a stroller?
  • It is not very much recommended to use a stroller for a just born baby as there will be no neck and head support. This support develops in babies only after three months. 

  • How do I choose my first stroller?
  • There are a few essential factors for you to consider before buying your first stroller. 

    • Comfort and requirements of your baby
    • Ease in lifting and moving
    • High levels of safety
    • Storage space
  • How long is the newborn stage for a baby?
  • A baby is considered a newborn until two or three months. Next will be the infant stage until your little one turns one. 

  • What age will a baby sit up?
  • An average baby will be able to hold his/her head without any support at 4 months. in another two months, they will be able to sit with someone's help. In another six months, they can easily sit without anyone else's help.

  • How do babies start walking?
  • Babies tend to start developing their muscles from a very young age. That is why it is important to let your baby play around and crawl without them being in a cradle all the time.

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