Until the time your kid grows up and enjoys shopping trips with you, you have to put up with a lot of chaos when they are just a tiny baby. As exhausting as parenting can get, it is also equally rewarding. From recording their first steps to hearing their first word, bringing up a kid is a joyful experience filled with many memories. 

As parents of a baby, you have to ensure you give the baby ultimate comfort and security for it to grow up in a happy and positive environment. And since babies can’t tell you if they’re feeling sleepy or hungry, you have to practically master the skill of ensuring your baby's utmost comfort. 

How to ensure your baby’s comfort

Every baby has a unique personality and each one responds differently to comforting techniques. It is common for babies to be fussy and irritable during the day. And as a parent, you must know how to comfort your baby and make it calmer.

In this blog article, we will give you a few tips on how to comfort a cranky or crying baby. Remember that not every tip works for all babies. You have to try them and find out which one your baby responds to. 

Tips that will ensure your baby’s comfort

Parents across the globe have different ways to comfort their babies and make them feel loved and safe. But in case you could use help, here are some tips that will help you get through parenting without much trouble:

  • Make skin-to-skin contact: Doing this will calm babies and help them sleep better for longer durations. Doing this also ensures fewer chances of infections and also improves breathing. It also fosters the parent-child relationship.
  • Get out of the house: A baby needs a change in the environment every now and then. Though you might fear dust and pollution, the baby needs some fresh air and sunlight. Going out also improves the baby’s mood, and the Vitamin D from sunlight will help with bone development.
  • Swaddle your baby: Swaddling is when you wrap your baby tightly (but gently) in a soft blanket, restricting their limb movements. It should be tight enough for them to not get out of it but loose enough to breathe comfortably in it. 

While buying a swaddle, make sure you get the right fabric while keeping in mind the weather conditions of your place. Swaddling shouldn’t cause overheating for the baby. Check out 1st Step’s organic muslin swaddles that can be used in multiple ways.

  • Limit visitors: A newborn baby can attract a lot of visitors. But before you invite anyone in, make sure the baby feels comfortable around many people. Having a lot of visitors come to your house also means brining in a lot of germs that can be harmful for the baby. Don’t hesitate to say no to visitors if you think the baby’s routine will be messed up.
  • Give massages to your baby: Give your baby a firm yet gentle massage. Till your baby is at least one month old, refrain from applying any oils or lotions. Keep the room moderately warm and speak to them in a calming tone while giving the massage. 
  • Check for physical comfort: Make sure the baby feels physically comfortable at all times. Check for rashes, any kind of skin irritation and other signs of discomfort. 
  • Dress your baby in soft and breathable fabrics: Parents usually prefer to dress up their babies in pastel-coloured jhablas to ensure them a great sense of comfort, especially during the summer season. This soft and breezy babywear is a very common baby essential in most Indian households as it gives babies the breathability to roam around freely without feeling hot and sweaty.

1st Step’s muslin jhablas come in two variations: with front buttons and shoulder knots. We have them for newborn babies to 9-month-old babies. 

  • Get moving: Sometimes, babies can get fussy and tired of being in the same place without much movement. Once in a while, you can take them out for a short car ride or even visit a park nearby. You can also stay at home and swing the baby gently or dance with them for slow music to distract them.
  • Shushing noises: You could also try whispering softly in the baby's ear. This can be extremely relaxing since it resembles the calming sounds the baby experienced inside the womb. 
  • Use blankets as comforters: Draping your baby in a warm and fuzzy blanket will relax a crying or tensed baby. Baby blankets help babies feel safe and comfortable and let them rest or sleep without any disturbances. Parents tend to use a lot of blankets in one day, for different purposes like putting the baby to sleep, feeding, swaddling, etc.

At 1st Step, we offer soft and warm baby blankets made out of 100% organic muslin. They are highly absorbing, lightweight and breathable, perfect for babies to get comfy.

  • Put out bright lights: Babies can find everyday lights overstimualting. You can turn off the lights and pull out the shades to create a darker and calmer atmosphere. This mostly works for new-born babies as they are used to the quiet and dark confines of a mother’s womb. 
  • Switch to cloth nappies: Compared to diapers, muslin nappies are a great alternative. Nappies are very environment-conscious and cost-efficient since they are washable and reusable, unlike disposable diapers that add to plastic waste. Cloth nappies are better since they are light and soft on the baby’s delicate skin and have no chances of rashes or skin irritation, which is a common complaint of diapers.

1st Step offers 100% organic muslin nappies that are both washable and reusable. Our nappies are easy to clean and withstand multiple wash cycles.

  • Use burp cloths: Burp cloths are usually used for babies between 6-9 months old, that is, as long as the baby needs its parents to help it with burping. Once they start to sit up or move around, burping the baby is not necessary and neither is burp cloths.

There are a lot more things you need to keep in mind while taking care of a baby, but you can start with these easy ones.


Having a newborn baby at your home might prove challenging for almost everyone in the house. If left unattended for even a few seconds, babies can cause trouble. As parents of the baby, the responsibility lies upon you to make your baby feel comfortable and safe at all times. 

As a new parent, you can feel clueless and lost at times. But it’s okay because you can’t know the solutions to all problems. Take it slow and give yourself some credit for always getting through!

August 01, 2022 — Aatish Mandot
Tags: Baby Care