The sweet arrival of summer—the season of sun-kissed cheeks, giggles, and cherished family moments. The hot sun, high humidity, and increased danger of dehydration demand extra care for your baby's health and comfort. But fret not! With simple tips, you can keep your child hydrated and safe this summer. So let's start and discover how to keep your little joy happy and healthy during the holidays.

How Often Should I Bathe My Baby During The Summer Season?

Because newborns' skin is more prone to dryness and irritation, bathing excessively can strip away natural oils and alter the skin's moisture balance. A brief daily sponge bath with lukewarm water will help keep your infant clean and comfortable in hot and humid conditions. To avoid diaper rash or heat rash, pay extra attention to the diaper area, neck wrinkles, and skin folds.

What Are Some Hydrating Foods For Babies?

Toddlers/infants can drink as much water as they like, and it is preferable to maintain a light diet for your little ones, as shared by experienced mothers. They can meet their fluid needs or essentials with mashed fruits, milk, or fresh veggies that contain water.

7 Summer Care Tips For Your Baby

1. Choose The Right Massage Oil

choose the right massage oil

Baby oil massages play a pivotal role in keeping your little one's body cool and hydrated. These help to enhance blood circulation in the body and rejuvenate the skin during summer. Look for oils derived from natural sources like jojoba oils and coconut water that help prevent dry or allergic skin. In hot climates, use lighter oils which get absorbed into the skin.

Pro Tip: As the baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, take care of them with rich immunity supplements and baby-friendly sunscreens that keep them away from harmful sun rays.

2. Use Talc-free Powder

use talc-free powder

It is advised to use Talc-free powder to keep your baby's skin comfortable and rejuvenated during a hot summer climate. These help to absorb excess moisture from the skin and help to prevent diaper rash or skin irritation. As many talc-free powders are made from natural ingredients, they are eco-friendly and help to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation or burn.

Pro Tip: Utilise muslin cloths from one of the most trusted brands: 1st Step, during summer for various purposes like burp and swaddle cloths that help keep your baby cool and comfortable.

3. Stay Indoors

stay indoors

It is best to keep your baby indoors during peak heat, as the sun's rays are harsh between 10 AM and 2 PM, causing sunburn or skin irritation.

Pro Tip: Close the curtains or blinds to screen off direct sunlight and use fans or air conditioning to keep the temperature comfortable. Dress your infant in light, breezy clothing and ensure the space is well-shaded.

4. Ensure They Stay Hydrated


You can try various useful techniques to keep your kid engaged and hydrated. If your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, provide regular nursing or bottle sessions to ensure enough fluid intake.

Pro Tip: Introduce sips of water from a cup or a straw as your baby advances to solid foods. You can also include hydrating fruits and vegetables in their diet, such as watermelon, cucumber, oranges, and strawberries.

5. Choose Breathable Clothing

choose breathable clothing

Loose clothes ensure your baby can breathe well without suffocating during the hot climate. It helps to prevent diaper rash and skin irritation. Opt for clothes made from natural linen and cotton that are lightweight and soft to breathe. I prefer light-coloured clothing that helps to keep the baby more relaxed and comfortable.

Pro Tip: Ensure to offer your baby only boiled and hygienic water. Additionally, providing them with water only in the best sippy cups or feeding bottles of 1st Step that are safe for your little ones is essential.

6. Select Sun-Protective Strollers/ Carriers

select sun-protective strollers/ carriers

When choosing a sun-protective pram or carrier for your infant during the summer, prioritise alternatives with UPF-rated fabrics, longer canopy coverage, breathable design, and enough sunshade options. Choose lightweight and portable ones that are simple to clean and maintain.

Pro Tip: Choose a sun-protective stroller and test them for effective results. Opt for flexible canopy positions that shield your baby's skin and provide a comfortable environment during summer outings.

7. Consult A Doctor If Necessary

consult a doctor if necessary

When it comes to keeping your baby away from bugs and mosquitoes, consult a doctor if your little one experiences allergic reactions, regular bug bites or discomfort. Seeking medical advice is crucial for necessary first aid and prevents further difficulties.

Pro Tip: Use protective clothing and ensure a safe and clean environment for your baby to avoid repercussions.

1st Step: Your Trusted Companion For All Your Baby's Summer Needs

1st Step is your reliable baby care partner. Caring for your child's needs during the summer might be difficult. As a result, we provide a diverse choice of products to assist you in easily traversing this season. We have you covered for everything from feeding necessities and baby walkers to lightweight and breathable clothing. We provide high-quality baby essentials prioritising safety, comfort, and convenience. Trust 1st Step to meet all your baby's needs this summer and beyond.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your newborn in the summer requires extra caution and protection. Remember the seven tips in the blog that will help your little one stay safe. Keep them hydrated, wear light and breathable clothing, protect them from the sun, maintain a cool environment, adjust feeding patterns, engage in water play, and trust your instincts as a parent.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How can I keep my baby safe from harmful sun rays?

Dress your infant in lightweight, long-sleeved clothes that cover their skin and a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect their face and eyes.

2. How frequently should I hydrate my baby in the summer?

Babies must always be hydrated; therefore, provide them with breast milk or formula regularly. If your baby is six months old or older and has begun eating solid foods, you can offer them small sips of water between feeds.

3. What can I do to keep my baby cool at night?

Use a fan or air conditioner to provide proper ventilation in your baby's room. Choose lightweight, breathable sleepwear made of natural materials for your infant.

4. Are there any summer clothing recommendations?

Dress your baby in layers so that you may adjust their attire to handle temperature variations. Instead of darker shades that absorb heat, choose light colours.

July 18, 2023 — Aatish Mandot
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