1st Step Baby Western Cushioned Potty Training Seat With Handles (Pink)

₹649.00 ₹584.00
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Key Features

  • Safety first: 1st Step is made considering child’s safety and comfortably. It is even suitable for all toilet seats for your convenience.
  • Soft and Comfortable Cushion: It comes with a soft cushion so that your child has no discomfort while using it.
  • Easy to grip handles: The grips on both sides help your child to balance while seated on the toilet seat.
  • Easy to clean: It is extremely easy for you to clean post each usage so you can maintain your kid’s hygiene without any worries.
  • Hang on the wall: Storage is a hassle you don’t have to deal with while using 1st Step's potty seat. Easily hand it on the wall after using.


1st Step toilet seat is the ideal solution for the situation. Providing a smooth transition from a potty chair to a regular commode, cushioned Potty Seat is perfect for potty training your toddler. It fits perfectly on top of any regular toilet seat. The soft, cushioned seat ensures comfort to your child. The flat non-slip base allows it to be placed on the adult toilet seat.
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